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Airox Airpods | Strong Bass, Fast Connectivity & Smart Sensors

Airox Airpods | Strong Bass, Fast Connectivity & Smart Sensors
airox airpods

Airox Airpods is one of the best innovative products. Gadgets are more wireless than ever. The best sound and long-lasting battery experience make the Airox Airpods the winner. Today we will have hand-on experience of this product.


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Airox Smart Airpods

The Main Features of Airox Airpods

Let us discuss main features of Airox Airpods below

Smart Sensors

Airox Airpods have multiple high-quality sensors. The one-touch sensor enables call in and volume control. The music pauses when you pop out one of the Airpods. The sensitivity of sensors is mind-blowing. We have checked multiple variants of this product already. But Airox Airpods has fast and efficient sensors.

Pop Up window on iPhone

When you connect Airox Airpods with iPhone device, a smart pop up window appear for battery percentage checking and connectivity.

Wireless Charging

The charging case of Airpods has the capability of wireless charging.

Battery Timing

The battery timing of Airpods on Music lasts for 3 to 4 hours and the Charging box can charge it four times. Battery usage of Airpods and Box can be visible on iPhone device.

Airox Airpods smart charging

On the Go Connectivity

Once you pair Airpods with either iPhone or Android device. The device automatically connected to your phone once you pop out it from the box.

Mic Quality

Airox Airpods uses high quality and noise cancellation microphone.

Bluetooth 5.0

The Bluetooth 5.0 enable a stable and fast connectivity with any Android or iPhone device.

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airox airpods bluetooth

Airoha 1536u Chip

Airox Airpods is assembled Airoha 1536u chipset. Apple Airpods Pro also uses this chipset.

Auto Pairing

The Auto pairing option enable it for easy and fast use.

New TWS technology

This new technology reduced the electric and magnetic interference thus improved the sound quality.

How can we order Airox Airpods?

You can place the order directly by Clicking Here or Call our sales representative at 03452851999 anytime. Your order will be delivered to you using TCS as a courier service. The order delivery usually takes two to three working days.

Warranty of Airox Airpods

Airox products are thoroughly checked before any shipments. But we provide a One Month money-back guarantee to our valued customer. There is not any defect or claim reported against this device so far.