Top 5 Fast Mobile Chargers in Airox | Best Quality Chargers | Affordable Prices

Top 5 Fast Mobile Chargers in Airox | Best Quality Chargers | Affordable Prices

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As we know that in this fast-paced life, Everyone wants to have optimum charged mobile phones. For this purpose, We need fast and durable mobile chargers.

Airox Fast 3.0 Mobile Chargers

Airox has a wide range of Fast mobile chargers that have the ability to charge the phone without heating up the battery temperature. They use a smart chip in Airox chargers which automatically detect the battery storage capacity and adjust voltage accordingly.

Most of the fast mobile chargers in the market lack the smart chip technology which ultimately leads to battery malfunction or even harm charging port IC of valuable mobile phones.

Airox Fast Charger CH05 in Just 450PKR only

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Airox CH05 is a uniquely designed portable Fast charger. It has the smart chip embedded that can detect mobile battery voltage and thus regulate the output current. The maximum output is 5.3 volts and 3.4 Amperes. Airox CH05 has 3 USB ports and one dedicated micro USB Cable. You can charge up to four devices at a time. Airox CH05 is a real champ in Fast chargers range. Order Airox CH05 NOW at 450PKR and Free COD

Airox Fast Charger CH13 at 499PKR Only

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Airox CH13 is the best travel charger with embedded smart chip technology. Our unique Smart chip guarantees the battery health of your smartphones. Airox CH13 is quality assured and is packed up in shockproof and short circuit proof PVC material. Order Airox CH13 NOW at only 499PKR & Free COD

Airox 3.4 Ampere Fast Car Charger CC02

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Airox CC02 is Fast 3.4A car charger with unique design and durability. Car chargers are an integral part of any car nowadays but local car chargers lack quality. Airox CC02 is CE certified and quality assured which can charge multiple devices at a time. Click here to order Airox CC02 at 399PKR only

Airox CH15 Fast Charger 3.4 Amperes

CH15 3 USB Charger
CH15 3 USB Charger

Airox CH15 is a 3 USB ultra Fast charger with one dedicated micro USB attached cable. You can charge up to four devices at a time. The smart chip technology adjusts the voltage output for each device. The body of the charger is made up of highly brittle PVC material which can withstand high temperature and electric shocks. The smart chip enable safety of your gadgets. Click here to order Airox CH15 at 399PKR only

Qualcomm Fast 3.0 Charger CH19

Qualcomm charger 3.0

The best and leader in the travel chargers category is Qualcomm ultra-fast 3.0 charger. This charger is equipped with a Qualcomm chip and is quality assured. This charger is CE, FCC and ROHS certified and you can avail 30 days money-back warranty as well. The maximum output of this charger is 3 Amperes. Click here to order Qualcomm 3.0 Airox Charger

  • All chargers listed above have 30 Days money-back warranty
  • All chargers have been tested and quality assured
  • For wholesale dealers, The prices of products mentioned above will be negotiated. OR Contact below On Whatsapp For Wholesale
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