Best Wholesale Mobile accessories Price in Pakistan

Best Wholesale Mobile accessories Price in Pakistan is the 1st registered and copyrights protected wholesale mobile accessories brand in Pakistan. We ensure the best quality products under the range of common man budget. Some products range and quality parameters of Airox wholesale mobile accessories are discussed below

List of Wholesale mobile accessories

  • Mobile Chargers, Car mobile chargers, Data and Power Cables
  • Internal and External Mobile Batteries
  • Power banks
  • Mp3 players (shuffle) and Hands-free
  • Screen Protectors for mobiles
  • Bluetooth hands-free devices
  • Airox Airpods
  • Memory cards
  • Connectors

Searching for mobile accessories Companies in Pakistan? Look no further!

Explore the best mobile accessories companies in Pakistan, with Airox Mobile Accessories leading the way. From chargers, AirPods to headphones and more, these companies offer an extensive range of products to elevate your smartphone experience. Airox Mobile Accessories, a trusted name in the industry, ensures you have access to top-notch accessories. Upgrade your device with the finest accessories available in Pakistan.

Mobile Accessories Distributor in Pakistan | Airox Traders 

Discover a trusted mobile accessories distributor in Pakistan, connecting you with top-quality products to enhance your smartphone experience. Airox Mobile Accessories, a leading name in the industry, collaborates with the distributor to bring you the latest and greatest in mobile accessories. Explore a wide range of products to suit your needs and stay ahead in the world of mobile tech with Airox.


¬†‚ÄúAffordable Excellence: Mobile Accessories Price in Pakistan feat. Airox‚ÄĚ

Explore budget-friendly mobile accessories prices in Pakistan, highlighting the exceptional quality of Airox mobile accessories. From chargers to stylish cases, discover unbeatable deals that complement your devices. Elevate your mobile lifestyle without compromising on quality. Shop now for Airox Mobile Accessories and experience the perfect blend of affordability and top-notch performance.



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Mobile Chargers and Car chargers in Pakistan

Airox has a wide range of mobile chargers. Each charger has been passed through a series of quality tests before shipping to Airox warehouse. As you may have experience of low-grade aftermarket mobile accessories in Lahore or Karachi markets, The main motto of Airox is to provide the best quality within the least budget.

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Mobile chargers are our daily usable mobile accessory. The quality of the charger is directly proportional to the battery life and mobile circuits life. Sometimes we undervalue the best products for saving a few Rupees which ultimately cost us a lot by losing mobile battery health. Even in some cases, the charging ICs of valuable mobile phones got electric breakdown due to poor current and voltage regulation in local chargers.

All chargers of Airox have been come up with 3rd generation AI chip to ensure the flow of current and voltage across different gadgets.

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Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Apple recommend not to use substandard mobile accessories on mobile phones.



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Mobile batteries in Pakistan || Best Wholesale Mobile Accessories 

Mobile batteries are either internal or external in the casing of the mobile phones. Airox utilizes the latest Li-Polymer technology for the mobile batteries range. The prices of batteries justify the worth they have.

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Each battery has been tested multiple times before dispatching it to our valued customer. We equally support our retail and wholesale customers all over Pakistan. We have a one-month money-back warranty for all kinds of mobile batteries. Feel free to test our battery range which has been admired by users all over Pakistan.

How can We order in Bulk from Airox?
If you own a mobile accessories shop anywhere in Pakistan then you can call us anytime on 03080278154 and book your order. Your Online order will be delivered to your doorstep via TCS within two days. All wholesale online orders are FREE from delivery charges.


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