"Faraz Ahmad: Leading Airox's Technological Revolution as CEO and Founder"

Welcome to the dynamic realm of Airox, driven by the vision of our CEO and Founder, Faraz Ahmad. A graduate in Software Engineering from the University of Swat, Faraz has been the architect of Airox's extraordinary journey.

With strategic prowess, Airox has established an extensive network of over 50 wholesale franchises, strategically positioned across Pakistan. Faraz's relentless efforts have positioned Airox as the premier mobile accessories brand in the country.

At Airox, we take pride in offering the perfect synergy of affordability and quality. Thanks to Faraz Ahmad's dedication, we provide the market's best prices without compromising on product excellence. Join us in experiencing a revolution in mobile accessories, where Faraz's commitment to innovation has made Airox the epitome of quality and affordability in Pakistan's tech landscape. Discover the Airox difference today!