Step into the innovative landscape of Airox, guided by our accomplished CTO and Co-Founder, Nouman Ahmad. Nouman, a recent graduate in BBA from the University of Swat, has played a pivotal role in transforming Airox into the first online wholesale mobile accessories brand in Pakistan.

Beyond his academic achievements, Nouman's dedication and hard work have been instrumental in introducing Cash On Delivery in wholesale orders for mobile accessories. His strategic vision manages Airox's IT and Online Marketing sections, crafting unique strategies that have propelled Airox to be recognized as one of the best online mobile accessories brands in Pakistan.

Nouman Ahmad's collaborations with Price Oye, Daraz Mall and Telemart have further amplified Airox's presence, solidifying its position as a top mobile accessories brand on online platforms. Currently pursuing a Master's in International Business Management in London, UK, Nouman is poised to bring forth new and unique strategies to make Airox an international force in the realm of mobile accessories. Witness the evolution of Airox under Nouman Ahmad's leadership!