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Airox 10000 MAH All in One Power bank || 2 Usb Ports Power Bank || with 3 Different Cables

Airox 10000 MAH All in One Power bank || 2 Usb Ports Power Bank || with 3 Different Cables

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Power bank Price in Pakistan

if you are searching that what will be the power bank price in Pakistan. Well you need to know that power banks in Pakistan have different prices & different quality.

In Pakistan Most Power banks have very low quality. The low quality power banks have normal dry cells.

There are high quality power banks in Pakistan but the high quality power bank price in Pakistan is very high.
Normal Person Can’t afford such high prices.

If you want to buy high quality mobile accessories at reasonable prices.
Airox is the Only brand in Pakistan which offers high quality mobile accessories and power banks at affordable prices in Pakistan

Airox Power Banks Quality || Why Polymer Lithium is better than dry cells || CE Certified ☑️

Airox Power banks Have Polymer Lithium Inside. Airox Power banks Do not use the dry cells which gives low mah and charging.

Polymer Lithium is the New technology in cells which gives Fast charging and accurate Mah.

Airox is the only brand in Pakistan which gives CE certified power banks. And Polymer Lithium Airox Power bank price in Pakistan is affordable.

Airox Hp10 Power bank price in Pakistan

The Price of Airox HP 10 Power bank is Rs 1399 With Free TCS Delivery which is the discounted price.

All Airox Power banks & mobile accessories comes with 30 days money back warranty.
In case you didn’t like our power bank you can return and take another one or get your money back.

Buy Now From || Airox | Registered with SECP and IPO

you should buy mobile accessories from Airox as Airox is registered with SECP. ( Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan )

Airox TCS Free Delivery in PakistanIf you want to place order for the HP10 Power bank Just Click on the Buy Now button below 👇 or call us at 0345-285-1999

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