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Airox 100 Airpod || Best Airpods in Pakistan

Airox 100 Airpod || Best Airpods in Pakistan

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Airpods are wireless earbuds connected via Bluetooth to mobiles and laptops. There are different qualities of Air-Pods in Pakistan.

Airox Airpods Price in PakistanThe price of Airpods starts from 500 to 50 thousand depending on quality and Originality.

Airox 100 Earbuds  is the only Airpods in Pakistan which has almost the same features as Original Iphone has. The features are given below

  • 1. Smart Sensor
  • 2. Pop Up Displaty
  • 3.wireless charging
  • 4. battery display
  • 5. Tap control function
  • 6.Activate siri(Tap twice on left Earphone)
  • 7. GPS Tracking
  • 8. Earphone Separate Use Support iphone 11

Airox 100 Airpods in PakistanWhat's new:

  • [NEW] H1 type chip
  • [NEW] Pop window (iPhone only)
  • [NEW] Improved sound/bass quality
  • [NEW] Improved lows, mids, and highs
  • [NEW] Faster connection speeds
  • [NEW] Increased battery life
  • [NEW] Many subtle issues w/ previous versions have been fixed

Airox 100 Airpods Price in Pakistan || Delivery & Warranty of Airox AirPods in Pakistan

Airox 100 is one of the best price AirPods in Pakistan. In Pakistan Airox AirPods is known for the best quality and affordable price. The Original Price of Airox 100 AirPod is RS 4000.

Airox is now offering the discounted Price RS 2699 which is 33% OFF With Free TCS delivery. All Airox products and this AirPod have 30 Days Money Back warranty. 


  • High-quality Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, PC, etc.)
  • No flashing lights whatsoever
  • Tap controls
  • Wireless charging
  • 1:1 design
  • 3-4 hour playback time
  • 1 hour charge time
  • 400+ hours of standby time
  • Case will recharge earbuds 4-5 times
  • Ability to use earbuds independently or simultaneously
  • Battery levels displayed on phone
  • Fast shipping

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