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Airox W1 Smart Watch Fitness Partner and Bluetooth Calling | 2.2 Inch with 3 Straps

Airox W1 Smart Watch Fitness Partner and Bluetooth Calling | 2.2 Inch with 3 Straps

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- **Compatibility:**
- Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ support.

- **Connection:**
- Long press power button to turn on.
- Ensure Bluetooth is on (GPS for Android 4.0).
- Use "HryFine" app to connect via Mac string.

- **Preparation:**
- Charge fully before use.
- Note: Bluetooth 4.0 for data only.

- **Sleep Detection:**
- Wear Hand to sleep for automatic tracking.
- Records sleep length, deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time.
- View detailed sleep data on the app.
- Set custom sleep detection time range.

- **Operation:**
- Power button: Sleep/wake screen, return to clock.
- Clock Interface: Long press for different dial interfaces.
- Encoder Function: Dial switching, zooming, and menu preview.
- Dialing: Make calls with Bluetooth 3.0 connection.
- Brightness Adjustment: Choose from 3 brightness levels.
- Phonebook & Call Record: View and record calls.
- Information: Displays last 8 mobile pushes.
- Sports Mode: Records running distance.
- Bluetooth Music: Play/pause mobile music.
- Theme & Settings: Choose watch themes, adjust settings.
- Pedometer Record: Displays step count and stats.
- Temperature: Automatic body measurement.

- **Sedentary Reminder:**
- Set reminder duration and time range in the app.
- Switch on/off sedentary function for vibration reminder.

- **Heart Rate Measurement:**
- Automatic measurement, data uploaded to app.

- **Blood Pressure Measurement:**
- Automatic measurement, data uploaded after completion.

- **Blood Oxygen Measurement:**
- Auto measure and display results.

- **Additional Features:**
- Remote Camera: Shake wrist to take pictures.
- Stopwatch: Start and end timing.
- Find Mobile Phone: Trigger a ringtone reminder.
- Device Information: Display MAC serial, version.

- **App Hand Settings:**
- Personal Info: Set avatar, nickname, goals.
- Finding Device: Vibration alert.
- Message Reminder: Configure notification types.
- Alarm Reminder: Set synchronized alarms.
- Sedentary Reminder: Activate with custom settings.
- Remote Self-Timer: Shake for automatic photos.
- Sleep Detection: Set detection time and features.
- Automatic Heart Rate Measurement: Set time points for auto sync.
- Do Not Disturb Mode: Schedule silent periods.
- Vibration: Toggle vibration reminder function.
- Language Setting: Choose supported language.
- Wearing Mode: Left/right-hand preference.
- Synchronize System Time: Manual time sync.

- **Hand Maintenance:**
- Wipe with damp cloth, avoid strong chemicals.
- Prevent strong impacts and extreme temperatures.

- **Precautions:**
- Not for bathing or swimming.
- Connect for data sync.
- Use built-in charging cable.
- Avoid extreme moisture or temperatures.
- Restart issues? Check phone memory.


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