Airox Mobile Data Cables | Best & Fast Power Cables | 1 Year Warranty

Airox Mobile Data Cables | Best & Fast Power Cables | 1 Year Warranty

"Efficient Connectivity Unleashed: Explore Our Range of Premium Mobile Data Cables"
Mobile data cables

We know that Mobile Data cables are important part of mobile charging on a daily basis. Each time when we use Mobile Data cables, It allow Current to flow in mobile battery. The quality of wire and USB jacks are important factors to maintain any mobile phone life. The following factors are directly related to mobile battery life and data cables

  • Data cables are daily connecting to mobile phones mostly for charging purposes, Thus the low graded material of charging jack can damage the Charging IC of valuable mobile phone
  • The sub standard wire cannot regulate the Voltage and Current flow and in turn damages the battery life
  • Most of Mobile cables are made without proper quality testing and sometimes can be very dangerous for any gadget short circuit breakdown.

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Airox Mobile Cables and Data Cables

Airox manufactures high quality tested mobile power cables. All the cables are quality assured and passed various electric tests. We ensure the safety of your precious devices.

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Types of Available Mobile Data Cables at Airox

Download Catalog of Data Cables here

Types of Mobile Power Cables available on Wholesale

  • Micro USB Mobile Power Cables
  • Type-C Mobile Power Cables
  • Iphone Charging Cables
  • Fast Mobile Cables
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Features of Airox Mobile Power Cables

Airox Mobile Power Cables have the list of features listed below

  • Made of high-quality conductors wire and high-grade insulation
  • USB jack with alloy case
  • Electric and stress tests are performed on each charging cable to ensure safety
  • One year money back¬†warranty

How can We order in Bulk from Airox?

If you own a mobile accessories shop anywhere in Pakistan then you can call us anytime on 03452851999 and book your order. Your Online order will be delivered to your doorstep via TCS within two days. All online orders are FREE from delivery charges.

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