Wholesale mobile accessories Online during Corona Virus Lockdown

Wholesale mobile accessories Online during Corona Virus Lockdown

wholesale mobile parts

Airox is the only mobile accessories online company in Pakistan that delivers wholesale mobile accessories FREE Of Cost nationwide.

free mobile parts delivery by airox

Why you can select the delivery of mobile parts and Mobile accessories Online?

You may already experience the limitation of local transport and hectic traveling as lockdown started. In order to facilitate local shopkeepers and our Distributors, Airox initiated FREE wholesale mobile accessories online to all cities of Pakistan.

chargers and power banks

Why Airox ?

Airox is a registered brand in the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. We ensure all the following steps before dispatching any consignment to the valued customer

  • Quality and Functionality checking
  • 1-month after-sale warranty
  • Airox already have dealerships and Franchises in big cities in order to deal with any complaint from customers
  • Our 24/7 online complaint registration is active for both distributors and end-users
  • Airox has already tons of satisfied users all over Pakistan, Check Reviews Here

Range of Products available at Airox Stores and online delivery

Fast mobile chargers

Mobile Chargers and Car Mobile Chargers

Airox has a wide range of Mobile phone chargers. The aesthetic design and elegant look make it a masterpiece. Mobile chargers are our daily usable gadgets. We use it for charging of mobile devices, tablets, Airpods or even Powerbanks.

The quality of chargers is embedded in the internal charging circuit, The Power Cable, and the connecting pin of Cable. Airox ensures AI-based smart charging technology which automatically detect the capacity of batteries. The AI chip regulates the voltage and current flow and hence does not disrupt the life cycles of batteries.

Here you can check all range of Chargers at Airox

List of Top 5 Chargers at Airox | Click Here

Mobile Phone Batteries | Samsung Batteries | Huawei Batteries | Nokia Batteries | iPhone batteries | Mobile accessories Online

Airox is a pioneer in providing the best quality Lithium Polymer batteries and mobile accessories online across Pakistan at a reasonable price ever. The price of such a quality battery is three or four times more than what we have listed in Airox.

Check the list of batteries here

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  • Airox 20+ PowerBank MP957

Airox Powerbanks

Powerbanks are an essential part of life for students and travelers nowadays. We have multiple gadgets in use and sometimes we forgot to charge each item everyday. One should have the best quality power bank in a backpack or any handbag before going for a travel or leaving for college.

Airox ensure a best quality and least prices of Power-banks.

You can check all range of available power banks here

Mobile Hands-free and Bluetooth devices

Mobile handsfree, Airpods, or Bluetooth devices are essential parts for everyone who keeps a smartphone. Most mobile users are mostly video watchers on social media. Handsfree allows you to hear clearly during noisy surroundings and also it restrict your privacy.

Secondly These devices play a vital role during calling and video conferencing.

You can check all range of hands free here

Airox class 10 memory card

Storage devices and Memory Cards

You may have lost precious data on a storage USB Storage device or Micro SD memory card. The reason behind that is simple, The bad quality of cards. Airox ensures the best quality and extended warranty of memory cards plus USB storage devices.

Check all the range of Memory cards and USB flash drives

Cables and Connectors

Power cables are an essential part of any mobile charger. Keep in mind that power cable is playing a vital role in charging any smartphone or gadget properly.

Connectors like OTG are beneficial for data transfer and conversion of charging pin types.

Check the list of available Power cables

Check the list of available Connectors

Airox Free Shipping Truck
Airox Free Shipping Truck

How to order mobile accessories online in bulk i.e Wholesale from Airox?

If you own a mobile accessories shop anywhere in Pakistan then you can call us anytime on 03452851999 and book your order. Your Online order will be delivered to your doorstep via TCS within two days. All wholesale online orders are FREE from delivery charges.

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