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Best Memory Card in Pakistan | Airox No 1 Micro SD Card

Best Memory Card in Pakistan | Airox No 1 Micro SD Card
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Airox offers the best quality tested SD Memory cards. All the memory cards are optimized for all Android mobile devices and tablets. The Class 10 SD Card has premium features that will be discussed in this article.

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The Airox microSDXC/SDHC UHS-I Class 10 memory cards provide read speeds up to 100MB per second for rapid file transfers. The Airox Memory cards enable Full HD and 4K video recordings on smartphones and tablets.

Files Transfer Rate

As the Airox Class 10 SD cards have a record file transfer rate of 100MB/Second. You can easily transfer heavy data from mobile or tablets to Laptops with waiting too much. This Ultrafast file transfer enable smooth recording of HD videos and you can easily use high definition apps.

V-10 Feature

Airox award-winning class 10 SD cards has v10 feature. It means that this SD card can record 10MB video per second. So it is easy for Vloggers and Youtubers to use Airox Class 10 Memory cards for capturing endless videos in High definition formats. Available in 64GB and 128GB

A1 Qualified Fast Performing Applications

After Androids update 6.0 you can easily switch your default storage data to SD card from Internal Storage. Before that, you were only able to store static data like photos and videos in SD cards. This new update enables all android users to maximize mobile internal storage with giant data of Airox SD cards. The A1 Qualified ensures smooth and fast data transfer.

The A1 Standard has the following requirements

  • Sequential Transfer speed of 10 MB per second (Minimum)
  • Random Read Rate 1500 IOPS (Minimum)
  • Random Write Rate 500 IOPS (Minimum

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Highest Compatibility on All Devices

The Airox Class 10 Memory Card is highly compatible with different devices like mobile phones, tablets, Cameras, and Camcorders or Mp3 Speakers. Airox Class 10 Memory card has a maximum variant of 128GB. This allows you to records every moment and stores every file you want.

Protection and durability

The Airox Class 10 memory cards are designed with automatic error-correcting code (ECC). They pass rigorous waterproof, shockproof, Virus/Malware proof, X-ray proof, and anti-static testing for sustaining durability.

How can We order in Bulk or wholesale from Airox?

If you own a mobile accessories shop anywhere in Pakistan then you can call us anytime on 03452851999 and book your order. Your Online order will be delivered to your doorstep via TCS within two days. All wholesale online orders are FREE from delivery charges.

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