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Airox Micro SDHC Card 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB and 256GB Class 10

Airox Micro SDHC Card 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB and 256GB Class 10

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 Unlocking the Secrets of Memory Cards in Pakistan: Types, Prices, and the Airox microSDHC Memory Card.

In our increasingly digital world, memory cards are the unsung heroes that allow us to store cherished photos, videos, and important data. This SEO blog is your guide to understanding memory cards in Pakistan. We'll explore memory card prices, sizes (from 2GB to 256GB), types, and even discuss memory card repair. Plus, we'll introduce you to the Airox microSDHC Memory Card Ultra Class 10 UHS-I with microSD Adapter, an excellent choice for those seeking reliable storage for their cameras or smartphones.

Memory card price in Pakistan Airox

Exploring Memory Card Types and Capacities:

Memory cards come in various types and capacities, catering to different needs. Common types include SD (Secure Digital) cards, microSD cards, and CF (CompactFlash) cards. Here's a breakdown of capacities:

1. **2GB to 8GB Memory Cards:**


Ideal for basic storage needs, such as documents and low-resolution photos. These options are budget-friendly.

2. **16GB to 32GB Memory Cards:**


Suitable for average users who capture photos and HD videos. They offer more space for your media files.

3. **64GB Memory Cards:**


Perfect for photographers and videographers who need ample storage for large files. They're compatible with most devices.

4. **128GB and 256GB Memory Cards:**


Tailored for professionals requiring extensive storage for high-res photos and 4K videos.

Airox 256 gb Memory card
Memory card
Memory Card Prices in Pakistan:

Memory card prices in Pakistan can vary widely based on capacity and brand. Smaller-capacity cards are generally more budget-friendly. For specific prices, check trusted online marketplaces like Daraz or visit local electronics stores.

Memory Card Repair:

Encountering issues with your memory card, such as data loss or corruption, can be distressing. Seek data recovery services or software to retrieve lost data. In some cases, professional memory card repair services may be required.

Introducing the Airox microSDHC Memory Card:

The Airox microSDHC Memory Card Ultra Class 10 UHS-I with microSD Adapter is a micro-size Secure Digital High Capacity memory card. It provides ample space for your camera or smartphone photos and videos. It boasts an SD Class 10 rating with an Ultra High Speed Class 1 rating, offering read speeds up to 30MB/s and reliable write speeds. This makes it an ideal choice for capturing and transferring full HD 1080p videos. The built-in write-protect switch on the SD adapter ensures accidental data loss prevention.

Memory cards play a pivotal role in our digital lives, ensuring our devices can store memories and data efficiently. In Pakistan, you'll find a wide range of memory card options, from budget-friendly 2GB cards to high-capacity 256GB cards. When selecting a memory card, consider your storage needs and device compatibility. Don't forget to explore reputable online marketplaces like Daraz for competitive prices and a diverse selection. Whether you need a memory card for your camera, smartphone, or other devices, Pakistan's electronics market offers options to fulfill your requirements. Consider the Airox microSDHC Memory Card for reliability and performance in your photography and videography endeavors.

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