Top 5 reasons why your smartphone battery could die faster

Top 5 reasons why your smartphone battery could die faster

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Smartphones are our daily most useful gadget. Nowadays we are so habitual to it so that we can not imagine a life without this. As time goes on the smartphone also innovates with a new high-resolution screen, fast processors, and tons of storage. But the major problem of smartphone battery drainage remains the same.

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Battery juice is the only thing that drives this hardware of any smartphone. So mobile phone manufacturers make the battery size bigger and bigger by adding more mAh. In this post, we put together all the major reasons for battery drainage or malfunctions in modern days mobile phone

Background Apps

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As you can check your mobile right now and various apps will be running in the backend. These unused apps take the smartphone battery percentage even when you are not using the phone. Nowadays those apps when sending automated notifications also deteriorate battery health. The solution to this problem is easy. Whenever you install such apps which updates itself on a regular basis, just change its settings to manual update. You can also install an app GSAM which can show you the apps activity and its battery drainage.

Charging using a low graded Charger or Cable

You could have experience of charging your phone in any wall-mounted charger. Well, the fact is that slow or any replica chargers drastically reduce the smartphone battery performance by damaging the Li Polymers of internal batteries. These slow cables and chargers decrease the charging retention factor of a battery over a period of time. The drainage thus increases or even it can permanently damage the battery by enlarging its size.

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Some of the Snapdragon 810 devices came up with Fast 3.0 chargers. If you charge them with local slow chargers or USB cable from the laptop, then the charging will be very slow and battery drainage will be much faster.

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Live or Bright wallpapers on Mobile Screen

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As you know that everyone like movable wallpapers and live apps like Accu Weather. These fancy apps and wallpaper look great but they consume constant voltage from the battery. The Darker or black edition of wallpapers on AMOLED display greatly reduce the drainage of battery.

Dark Mode of Apps

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The best solution to reserve the battery percentage is to use dark mode on apps like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. These apps are mostly used by android users. The AMOLED displays are mostly in Samsung, OPPO, Vivo mobiles. They can easily leverage the dark mode in these apps mentioned above.

Unnecessary Push Notifications

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You might be the experience of subscribing to a newsletter, E-commerce apps, or YouTube channel you liked. They constantly send commercial or educations notifications on a daily basis. These alerts constantly use the ram data and increase the battery drainage.


The overall discussion of battery drainage came to an end. Although it is a never-ending topic, the long story short is that batteries are a very fragile element in any electronic device. You have to take care of it as it is the only life provider to your device. Without a battery, all the other components are considered as dead.

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