Mobile Accessories in Pakistan | Reliable and Economical

Mobile Accessories in Pakistan | Reliable and Economical

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Mobile accessories are an essential part of your daily life nowadays. We see that almost everyone owns a mobile device. For having a better experience, you may have used aftermarket mobile accessories. The bad thing about Pakistani Market is that we do not have a quality assurance check for Chinese products. Airox came up with outstanding benchmarking of quality assured products in the market. Airox deals in both wholesale and retail mobile accessories.

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Mobile Chargers and Data Cables

Your mobile charger must be the first thing in the bag whenever you want to travel. So It shows the importance of using quality assured charger. The AI chip in Airox chargers enables a uniform voltage and Current flow to your mobile or tablets. Most of the time, You may have experience battery heat up problems or charging errors of battery. Most of these problems occur due to low graded chargers.Ā List of Airox mobile chargers is shown here

Power Cable or Data Cable is mandatory part of any charger. The quality of wire and connecting pin plays a vital role while charging any device. Airox offers variety of Fast 3.0 Amperes Power cables.

Click here to read more about Airox High Quality Fast 3.0 Data Cables

Power Banks and Batteries

You may need a quality power bank if you are a regular traveler. Being out of charge on mobile is the most hectic experience. So the solution is to have a reliable and durable Powerbank that can recharge your device multiple times. Airox power banks are one of the best in the market. Li-polymer batteries are checked through multiple tests. Airox has a variety of both internal and external batteries.Ā View the list of available batteries here

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Wholesale mobile accessories & Distribution opportunity in various cities of Pakistan

We have recently launched a distributorship program of Airox products all over Pakistan. You can call us on 03452851999 for detailed discussions about Airox dealerships.

Click here to read details about Airox Dealership

How can We order in Bulk or Wholesale accessories from Airox?

If you own a mobile accessories shop anywhere in Pakistan then you can call us anytime onĀ 03452851999Ā and book your order. Your Online order will be delivered to your doorstep via TCS within two days. All wholesale online orders areĀ FREEĀ from delivery charges.

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