Wholesale Mobile Accessories in Pakistan | Best Quality & Reasonable Price

Wholesale Mobile Accessories in Pakistan | Best Quality & Reasonable Price

Wholesale Mobile Accessories in Pakistan | Airox 

Airox™ offers wholesale mobile accessories in all cities of Pakistan. Airox™ is a registered mobile accessories brand in SECP and trademarked in IPO. The main wholesale accessories include different types of mobile wall mount chargers, Travel chargers, Mobile Car chargers, Bluetooth Handsfree devices, Earphones, Airpods, Class 10 MicroSD Memory Cards, Screen Protectors, A Class Li-Polymer Mobile Batteries and Powerbanks and much more.

Airox™ Franchises in Cities

Airox™ has already outsourced franchises in several cities. Moreover, our distribution network is spread all over the country. Our fast and efficient customer delivery system makes it easy for our retailers to place an order. The wholesale mobile accessories market in quite stuffed with low graded products. The main objective of the Airox™team is to provide quality products at your doorstep.

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Airox™ wholesale mobile accessories distribution method

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If you own any shop and you want to place an order for mobile accessories. Feel free to click here and inquire more about available products. If you cannot search the products by your own then simply call our customer service manager at 03452851999 or 03409341219

Mobile AccessoriesTerms of Services and Warranty

Airox™ offers 6 months warranty for Class 10 MicroSD memory card. Along with these different warranty plans are available for various products. The mobile accessories market is saturated with fake products and no warranty tags. Airox™ is a customer-oriented mobile accessories marketplace. We believe in long term relationships with our retailers and end-users.

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Earn with Airox™ Affiliate system

Airox™ offers an affiliate marketing system as well. If you do not own a physical shop and you want to sell Airox™ products, then not to worry. You can order Airox™ products and sell them at your channel or social media. We are already working with several online users who sell the products online and their income are now in six figures.


How can we order wholesale mobile accessoires from Airox™?


The simplest way is to call or WhatsApp one of our customer sales managers. If you feel easy with Email then send

wholesale mobile accessories

us your query at airoxchargeforever@gmail.com



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